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January 21, 2014 at 10:57 am (gynomite's reading room)

In my own hometown, the KKK is putting lollipops alongside their stupid flyers in people’s driveways. Fucking ridiculous.

Songwriters have a life filled with anxiety and uncertainty- just ask the folk behind Eminem and Ri-Ri’s Monster.

We all know the Grantland Dr. V’s story. Here’s what Grantland says it got wrong. And here’s a letter from their editor. For my friends and I, this has brought up the debate of whether or not we should applaud a tiny step in the right direction, or if we should just critique them for not stepping far enough. Regardless, a woman is dead. A quote:

But that speaks to our collective ignorance about the issues facing the transgender community in general, as well as our biggest mistake: not educating ourselves on that front before seriously considering whether to run the piece.

This study on the psychotic behavior traits of comedians was well done, but when you look at the actual traits that comedians scored high on, they aren’t crazy traits. They are traits that either drive someone to comedy, or traits that develop as you do comedy.

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  1. Matthew Phelan said,

    Hi, Emily!!!! I noticed that that imgur post doesn’t mention any town info, which leads me to believe you may know the person who posted it? I am asking because I might wanna write about this lolipop league for Wonkette, where I do stuff sometimes.

    So, maybe, please, email me? matthew period d period phelan at gmail

    (Huge Indoor Kids fan, fwiw. Haven’t played video games since college, but I just like vicariously hearing about it from a charming married couple.)

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