What’s the point of OK? Well, what’s the point of anything?

February 25, 2014 at 10:02 pm (commercials)

Picture it: it’s 1993. Grunge is in full swing, apathy is at an all time high, people won’t shut up about Generation X. This moody country deserves a soda from the fine people at Coca-Cola.

We got OK Soda.

OK Soda was tested in 1993 in several major cities with four different cans, designed by artists Dan Clowes and Charles Burns.


The can art is actually an amazing idea, but the incredibly patronizing ad campaign, designed to hit slacker youth in their wallets, was spotted a mile away, and slacker Gen-Xers stayed away in droves. Take a peek at some of their “anti-slogans” (from theĀ Wikipedia page):

  1. What’s the point of OK? Well, what’s the point of anything?
  2. OK Soda emphatically rejects anything that is not OK, and fully supports anything that is.
  3. OK Soda says, “Don’t be fooled into thinking there has to be a reason for everything.”
  4. OK Soda does not subscribe to any religion, or endorse any political party, or do anything other than feel OK.
  5. OK Soda may be the preferred drink of other people such as yourself.

Somewhere, there was a Reality Bites sequel made about this very ad campaign. It’s hilarious and sad and desperate-seeming, sure, but look around you and make sure that a company you don’t use all the time (ahem… Apple) isn’t doing the same thing to you.

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1 Comment

  1. Nathan said,

    nice. made me wonder how well a campaign like this one would go over today.

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