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Things I was afraid of as a child:

  • The floor of the skating rink in my hometown.  It was a fake marble/stone floor that was highly reflective, giving me the impression that I was roller skating on glass, and that if I fell, I would fall through the floor and into the abyss.
  • Big dogs.  When I was very young, a perfectly normal-sized dog I was trying to kiss on the head bit my lip, so I started fearing dogs that could tower over me.
  • ET.  My parents took my sister and I to the movie several times, thinking we both loved it, but he terrified us both, apparently.  At night he would come to my window, and in his creaky death voice, demand I go see his movie again.  We even had the soundtrack on vinyl, and my sister got a ET birthday party.

    That's me, bottom left, begging you to get me out of there.

    That's me, bottom right, begging you to get me out of there.

Things I’m afraid of now:

  • Falling down stairs.  Basically since I moved to Chicago, where the stairs to the trains seem to stretch on to infinity.  The Natasha Richardson thing didn’t help matters.
  • Hospitals.  Two years ago I went to the doctor after being sick for a few weeks, and ended up being rushed to the hospital from the doctor’s office in an ambulance and staying there for about a month.  I still have nightmares about my time there, and feel panicky when I smell certain hospitaly smells.  Even though being there saved my life and I’m fine now, every time I go to the doctor I still fear that they are going to tell me that I have to go back.
  • ET.  Some things don’t change.

I’m happy the list has stayed about even, and that all of my fears are random physical things, rather than big momma things like “death”, or “not being actualized”, “having someone really see me”, etc.  As far as fears go, give me a creepy 80s toy over a highbrow concept any day.

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Geek cakes!

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Again, from those geniuses at Neatorama, a link to a collection of geeky cakes at Web Urbanist.

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