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George W Bush says his “all time low” as a president came when Kanye West called him racist on TV.  Seriously dude?  Not the overreactions or the goofs or the never listening to others about Iraq or Katrina itself?  None of THAT stuff was your low point? (Also?  You probably are racist.)

What’s your flirting style?  I break down the latest research with examples from 90210, for you!

A great review of our weekly comedy show The Meltdown by The LAist!

Birth control under ObamaCare is going to be decided over a cozy breakfast- feel better?  (for Lemondrop)

Good lord, people. I had no idea the twins in The Social Network were the same guy until a week later and you’re complaining about the fake “it’s cold” breath?

It’s hard for me to feel myself growing distant from best friends that live in other states. So naturally, I wrote about it for Lemondrop. let me write about two TV episodes that make me sob like a baby.  Yup, Firefly and Six Feet Under.

I’m obsessed with this Tumblr I started- Gross Food I Ate as a Kid.  Turns out I love hearing people’s stories about what they made themselves to eat as children.  Go check into it, and then CONTRIBUTE!!

This one is for Kumail: The Unsolved Ciphers of the Zodiac Killer!

I am obsessed with the BBC series Sherlock and let me write about it.  I am forever grateful.

Here’s a terrifying picture of trepanning tools.  I was up late reading all about it, so I pass these gifts on to you.

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Thanks, Men’s Health, for this terrifying glimpse into the male psyche

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I guess I should thank Jezebel for reading Men’s  Health so that I don’t have to, because today, I got the privelege of reading “Five Tests for Sexual Attraction“, where Men’s Health gives men five surefire ways to test and see if a woman wants to have sex with you.

Check  it.

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