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George W Bush says his “all time low” as a president came when Kanye West called him racist on TV.  Seriously dude?  Not the overreactions or the goofs or the never listening to others about Iraq or Katrina itself?  None of THAT stuff was your low point? (Also?  You probably are racist.)

What’s your flirting style?  I break down the latest research with examples from 90210, for you!

A great review of our weekly comedy show The Meltdown by The LAist!

Birth control under ObamaCare is going to be decided over a cozy breakfast- feel better?  (for Lemondrop)

Good lord, people. I had no idea the twins in The Social Network were the same guy until a week later and you’re complaining about the fake “it’s cold” breath?

It’s hard for me to feel myself growing distant from best friends that live in other states. So naturally, I wrote about it for Lemondrop. let me write about two TV episodes that make me sob like a baby.  Yup, Firefly and Six Feet Under.

I’m obsessed with this Tumblr I started- Gross Food I Ate as a Kid.  Turns out I love hearing people’s stories about what they made themselves to eat as children.  Go check into it, and then CONTRIBUTE!!

This one is for Kumail: The Unsolved Ciphers of the Zodiac Killer!

I am obsessed with the BBC series Sherlock and let me write about it.  I am forever grateful.

Here’s a terrifying picture of trepanning tools.  I was up late reading all about it, so I pass these gifts on to you.

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Gynomite’s Reading Room

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Finally, how to tip in every restaurant situation spelled out for me!  I apologize, bussers of tables at Souper Salad in NC.

Here’s an obituary I wrote for that bathing suit-hating, chocolate-loving neurotic “modern” woman, Cathy.  She ended her strip this past week with pregnancy, whereas I was expecting a massive stress-related heart attack.

This is a great essay in Psychology Today about bedbugs, terrorism, and fear.

This woman is getting married for the first time at age 85.  So there.

Got $800 and a desire to eat some horrible food for the next 365 days?  Well, CostCo can help!  (Are they trying to drum up bomb shelter-era fear?  I’m so confused.)

I had the privilege of interviewing Darin Strauss, author of the kinda-memoir Half a Life, for Lemondrop this week.  It’s a great book about how he accidentally hit a girl with his car at age 18 and has been trying to deal with it ever since.  Really awesome thoughts on grief and guilt and coping.  The interview is fine, the book is a must-read.

These guys are begging for the powers-that-be to stop using Train songs in ads and movie trailers.  And I’m with them.

$15,000 gingerbread house at Neiman Marcus?  I write about this delicious atrocity at Lemondrop.

The disappearing honeybee problem SOLVED by science (this is for my Dad)

They’re making the Awkward Family Photos blog into a TV SHOW.  What happened to blogs like this getting book deals?  Are we already past that, ABC?

I write about how I decide if I like a new TV show or not for

When hijab and high fashion meet- this was a great interview of Atik, hijab designer.

Why the Glee kids having more hit singles than The Beatles doesn’t matter- basically a) our record-keeping wasn’t crazy accurate back then, so we don’t know how popular their songs were exactly, and more relevantly, b) THESE KIDS JUST SING OTHER PEOPLE’S SONGS THAT WERE ALREADY HITS.

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If you read it before, go read it again- the NY Times Op-Ed piece apologizing to Muslims for America being openly racist to them.  As with any civil rights issue, it’s not enough for the minority being oppressed to decide they want change, the majority has to join in the fight.

“My life is just really complicated right now…”  I eulogize my five favorite tired-ass boy moves at Lemondrop.

For those of you who follow this sort of thing, a breakdown of the ratings for Thursday TV.

Here’s a silly thing I wrote peeking into Daniel Dae Kim’s journal for

Hey, ladies?  Men don’t even notice your high heels. But you know who does- other women.

I wrote a Bored to Death 101 at to get you ready for Season 2 this Sunday!

Giant squids are eating people now, so that’s a thing.

This is my interview with Alie and Georgia about their new show, appropriately titled Drinks with Alie and Georgia.  I love these ladies.

Hard-hitting research on projectile pooping from SEED Magazine.

Emily Post died 50 years ago tomorrow, and in celebration, Lemondrop had me read her entire book and write about it.

Chloe Moretz- a young and amazing actress who often stars in movies that didn’t need to be made.  Kumail keeps telling me the reviews for Let Me In are great, but still, why?  And now she’s in an Emily the Strange movie? I repeat, why?  (Sidenote- anyone named Emily who wore combat boots even once was given more Emily the Strange merch than she could count, I promise you.)

Elisabeth Moss spins me right round baby, right round.  Similar to a record.

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It’s true!  You can make phone calls through Gmail now! For those of us who have AT&T and live in a large apartment complex in LA and therefore never ever ever get reception unless you’re on your balcony leaning into the sun-baked corner and standing on a plastic table that will probably break at some point and you can’t hear well because of the breeze, but you welcome it because it keeps you from sweating as you bake yourself just to talk to your friends and family, this is a godsend.

Gross, guys. Gross.

I took up the helm of defending grown ass women reading young adult literature over at Lemondrop!

John K, the genius behind Ren and Stimpy, took to his blog to post some sketches of Justin Bieber. Genius.

This is an amazing article about the secret world of Trader Joe’s.  My friend worked there in NYC and would always tell me that Trader Joe’s just buys products from other companies, like PepsiCo, and repackages them in their own cute wrappers.  It’s also got some interesting stuff about how TJ’s relieves people, because there are less options for them to regret not choosing. A must-read.

I plead with people at to please stop telling me what shows I HAVE to watch.  (PS, I wrote this as a TV fan, not an employee of, but it didn’t stop the commenters from destroying me)

MIT students make a Tardis materialize on top of one of their buildings, AND IT LIGHTS UP AT NIGHT.

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Stuff You Should Read Today!

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Here’s the story of Jonah Hill’s massive arm scar, which I’ve never noticed before (I’ve been distracted by all that neckbeard).

This week’s Guyspeak/Girlspeak at Lemondrop, where a guy and I debate what to do when you fall in love with a friend.

Here’s the leaked Dr. Dre/Jay-Z collaboration that Dre seems to be apologizing for, even though it’s awesome and samples fucking Kraftwerk!  Trans-Europe Express!  For real!  Go listen!

I reminisce over my favorite vacation episodes of sitcoms throughout the years over at, go check it out and see if you have any to add.

Here's why drugs are bad kids. The addict is on the right.

Weirdness: Jeremy London, who has a history of substance abuse issues, claims he was kidnapped at gunpoint by two men who forced him to buy alcohol and smoke crack.  Sounds like every addict’s fantasy… but they did arrest a guy for it.  I wonder what Jason London thinks of all this?

Old school home ec classes were way more intense!  Read all about it!

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This Week’s Gynomite in Other Places

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TV shows I like to watch when I’m sick, my thoughts on the newest reality show Work of Art, and the weekly Guyspeak/Girlspeak, this time about sending someone naked pics of yourself.  Also over at Tokyopop you can read some strips from the manga I adapted, Neko Ramen!

And now, a Human Centipede tattoo!

Ladies, isn’t it nice when guys tip you off that they are douchebags with their permanent accessory choices?

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  • Here’s a thing I wrote for where I diagnose TV characters (this week, Community and 30 Rock)
  • and here’s a Guyspeak/Girlspeak I wrote with Nick Nadel for Lemondrop
  • and here’s the new vodka that was made in Brooklyn’s honor by Absolut with help from Spike Lee (luckily they’re donating $50,000 to Bed-Stuy housing projects, and yes, that’s sarcasm)
  • and here’s a very clever ad for photoshop face cream by Giopets Graphic Art (as seen on The Daily What)

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